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Question: "Stella, I would like some great recipes for  ground turkey. I do not eat bread ok. Thanks, Anita "

Answer:  Anita, You can use ground turkey in place of lean ground beef  (for burger patties, in soups, sauces, stir fry etc) but you need to be careful. Lots of ground turkey isn't very lean and is made from a fairly high percentage of "leftover" parts of the turkey the same as a high-fat ground beef. You've got to be sure to read the label and shoot for about 90-92 % or leaner. 

I don't cook with it much except for a turkey loaf I make once in awhile or for patties (which I only buy on sale). Turkey breast cutlets (not the deli meat sandwich slices but the actual raw breast cutlets) might be good to think about using as well.

Try for some more recipe ideas or simply substitute turkey breast cutlets in any of my chicken recipes.


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