Healthy Cooking & Recipes
Fit Food - Healthy Food for the Athlete from's Bodybuilding Guide
Low Fat Cooking - An entire site devoted to low fat cooking and recipes - For a hilarious look at how far "diet" food has come, check out this fun site.
Cate's Garage - Foods. Most of them scary. More food fun.
Regrettable Food - These are the kinds of cookbooks that inspire me to make healthy food taste good.

General Nutrition - Guide to Federal Government Health and Nutrition Websites - American Society for Nutritional Sciences
Fast Food Facts - Wanna know what's in that burger?
About Nutrition -  Many articles and resource links for nutrition information

Food Nutrient Databases & Personal Food Trackers
USDA Nutrient Database - Look up nutritional values of your favorite foods
Glycemic Index - See how high that bagel will send your blood sugar
Nutrition Analysis Tool 2.0 - Look up the nutrtional value of foods one at a time
Recipe Calc 4.0 (software) - Make your own recipe cards & webpages w/ nutritional values
Fitday - Free and easy way to keep track of diet & exercise

Specialty & Ethnic Food Suppliers

Ethnic Grocer - Find exotic or favorite regional/international ingredients
Mexican Food - Buy Embassa online or find local supplier
More Mexican - Find Goya foods (more than just chile) & buy online or locally
Laura's Lean Beef -  Where to buy ultra lean natural beef (join mailing list for coupons)
Naturalite Beef - Where to buy Naturalite ultra lean beef
The Turkey Store - Where to buy Turkey Store brand and  good recipes ideas

Temperature and Measurement Conversion Charts & Tools
Convert It! - Convert between various measurement systems
Temperature Converter - Convert Farenheit to Celsius

Bodybuilding and Fitness
About Bodybuilding - Everything you need to know about Bodybuilding (my other site!)
Dave - Dave Draper's Iron Online- workout routines, meal plans, articles, training advice
Dolfzine - Monthly online magazine with some of the best writers in fitness & nutrition
Physique Engineering Technologies - Free training, nutrition, workout advice and articles from author/bodybuilding competitor Hugo Rivera
Eternally Transformed Fitness - A great collection of fitness articles and workout advice from a Vince McConnell, a leader in the exploration of the mind-body-spirit connection in sports, martial arts, and fitness. - My all-time favorite female fitness writer (besides me, of course!), Krista Scott-Dixon.
AllYourStrength - Motivational fitness advice from Jon Benson, author of Fit Over40
TheWeightingRoom - The Weighting Room is a lifestyle change support community that will encourage you to embark on a journey to find a new, healthier, happier you through changes such as healthy eating and exercise.
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