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Replacement Substitution for Oil

Question: I've heard before that sugarfree applesauce can sometimes be substituted to make recipes more healthy.  What is it substituted for--butter, shortening, oil--and what are the proportions for substitution?  - Steph B.


You can use natural applesauce in baking as a 1:1 replacement for cooking oil.  I haven't tried to use it as a replacement for butter or shortening.

If you happen to try it in place of shortening or butter, let me know.  I don't really see it as being able to bind with other ingredients the same way though (like in a crust for example).  When you use it in place of oil in baked goods (like a cake or muffins or my protein bars) it works fine.  In baked goods, oil helps the with keeping them soft.  Applesauce replaces this moisture just fine and does not leave behind an apple flavor.

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