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"Stella's Kitchen is a cookbook for the new millennium for those of us who want to eat well yet enjoy what we eat.." Read entire review's Exercise Guide, Paige Waehner
* * * * * Perfect recipes for even the busiest exerciser.  I am the laziest cook ever and try to avoid it at all costs. Since getting Stella's Kitchen, I've cooked more often and my husband has decided I'm not a lost cause. Perfect for any time-crunched exerciser!"  Read entire review

Amy Cabrera, Mother of 1
What a Great Resource, Stella!  I am a new mother struggling with her weight.  Before I was pregnant, I dabbled in a lot of different athletics and weight-training and had gotten nutrition tips from other people in the gym.  I'm currently following a program that I found on-line ( - great group of people) and was looking for some recipes that had enough protein, quality carbs and low-fat and I found exactly what I was looking for in Stella's Kitchen!  Even my husband, who is a very picky eater, loves everything that I've tried so far.  I've cooked the Turkey Triano several times - a big hit - and last Saturday, made the Hearty Oatmeal pancakes for my husband and I. They are great to make ahead and pack for a breakfast on the run.  I've recommended your site to some of the other participants of the program and they love it, too! Keep up the good work!!"

Dan Martin, Firefighter
"Let me tell you about those recipes. They are a hit at the fire station.
Believe me, a tough crowd. If they don't like the meal, they don't pay. I
might even get thrown a beating. You never know."

Andrea Guddat, Mother of 3, Fitness Buff
" I just got Stella's cook book in the mail and I wanted to share something that happened.  My daughter Kirsten has been 'blessed' with a metabolism just like her mother's and is now age 13 and weighs 190 lbs at 5'7".  It has been with much anxiety that I have watched her gain the weight but I have been worried about coaching her much about  it as has my husband because of an eating disorder that I developed after she was born.  She has rejected any 'advice' or concern from me due to what I believe she perceives as my lack of credibility in the arena also.

When Stella's cook book came in the mail Kirsten sat right down with it and began to read!  The wonderful advice that Stella offers throughout the book in conjunction with the recipes that are pleasingly presented is the first thing that Kirsten has ever come across that has her actually wanting to begin to fight the battle with her weight and it is through grateful tears that I say Thank you Stella!  We sat down together and used the book to plan out a weeks worth of recipes that I know our boys are going to love too.  Then Kirsten hopped on my exercise machines upstairs for 45 minutes which we sat down at the pc and documented along with our goals for the 'new year' and the rest of our lives as mother and daughter."

Art Vincent, Bodybuilder, Nashville, TN
"I just wanted to tell you I am really enjoying the cook book....I took
it to N.Y. for a visit with  my mother....we tried several recipes out
of it.....none failed....even for me...ha! I appreciate your efforts and hard work
and wish for your success. You've inspired many, some of it should come back your way."

Vicki Masterson, Athlete, El Sobrante, CA

"Hi Stella, So much to say to you but having trouble putting the words together. Stella's Kitchen is the best cook book I've seen for what I am eating now. One recipe is my standard lunch (Chicken Stew) that I vary the vegetables but pretty much that is it. I just love how the cook book came out. "'s  Low Fat Cooking Guide, Trevy Little
* * * * "This cookbook is full of high-protein, low-fat, healthy recipes that are quick to make and easy to follow." Read entire review

Chris McClinch, Bodybuilder & Personal Trainer, Gold's Gym, Rosslyn,VA
"Physically, the book is beautiful. The cover art and layout are very
pleasing to the eye, and the charts and interior graphics are clear,
helpful, and well-designed.

The book is also brimming with information that's well worth the price of
the book. Stella's time-saving and money-saving tips are wonderful
common-sense advice, and her sections on alternative names for cuts of beef
and how to troubleshoot a protein shake contain a good deal of information I
wish I had known back in grad school. Finally, any musclehead will
appreciate the pages on how to flavor tuna out of the can and how to flavor
boneless, skinless chicken breast for a quick, no fuss meal.

The most important part of a cookbook for athletes is the recipes, though.
So far, I've made the tuna melt (quick, tasty, and wonderful with whole
wheat pita bread), the cranberry-almond muffins (very tasty and filling,
though some of the ingredients can be tough to track down), the high-protein
fried rice (although I doubled the chicken to make it even higher-protein
fried rice), and a couple of the shakes. The results? Everything was tasty,
everything was easy, and everything turned out well--not an easy thing for a
guy who's not exactly an experienced cook. If you've already gotten a copy,
I'm sure you appreciate the book as the valuable resource it is. If you
haven't, I can't recommend it strongly enough."

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