Easy Canned Tuna Recipes - Straight Outta the Can   by Stella Juarez Post
Canned tuna has long been a favorite protein source for bodybuilders, dieters, and other athletes.  It’s cheap, fast, portable, and pre-portioned into convenient sizes.  Did I mention it was cheap?  The fact is, it is a great source of protein and omega-3 essential fats and it makes a great snack too. Solid white albacore can taste great all by itself if it fits your budget.  If not, here are a few “straight outta the can” recipes you can use to bring a little life into your next can of tuna (or canned chicken).

Lemon Pepper Tuna:   

Season tuna with fresh lemon juice and fresh ground pepper or sprinkle with lemon pepper seasoning

Balsamic Tuna:           

Season tuna with 1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar, a few dashes oregano (optional), and fresh ground pepper

Mustard Dill Tuna:      

Dill, 1 tbsp mustard, and chopped celery

Southwest Tuna:        

Stir in 1 tbsp non-fat mayo, ¼ of a Anaheim green chile (chopped), black pepper to taste

Honey Mustard Tuna:  

Mix in 1-2 tbsp Honey Mustard or for a sugar-free version, use 1 tbsp deli mustard and 1/2 packet sugar replacement

Tuna "Fried" Rice:        

Sauté cooked brown rice, chopped green or yellow onions, and egg whites in pan sprayed with butter flavor non-stick cooking spray. Mix in albacore tuna chunks and serve.

Stuffed Tomato:              

Mix 1 tbsp non-fat mayo, pepper and tuna and stuff in a tomato. Top tomato with a slice of mozzarella cheese and bake in toaster oven or microwave until cheese melts.

Old El Paso Tuna:    

Serve tuna with 1 heaping tablespoon salsa or 1 tbsp chopped green chili

Tuna Italiano:         

Toss tuna in 1 tbsp Italian dressing or olive oil vinaigrette, fresh ground pepper

Tuna Piccata:           

Stir in 1 tsp capers, fresh lemon juice, ½ tsp parsley, & fresh ground pepper

All-American Classic Tuna:  

Stir in 1-2 tbsp low-fat or fat-free mayo, 1 chopped pickle, ½ stalk chopped celery, and    1 tbsp chopped onion/onion flakes (optional)

Texas Tuna:           

Round up 1 tbsp BBQ sauce and mix it into can of tuna

Tuna Melt:            

Mix in 1-2 tbsp low-fat or fat-free mayo, and melt 1 oz. cheese on top (Whole-wheat, rye, or Ezekial 4:9 bread is optional)

Tuna Parmesan:    

Mix in 1 tbsp catsup, tomato sauce, or spaghetti sauce. Sprinkle mixture with breadcrumbs or a crushed cracker and top with 1 oz. part-skim mozzarella cheese. Cook in microwave or toaster oven until cheese melts.

No-Time Tuna:         

1 Fork, 1 glass of water

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