Selected Articles by Stella Juarez
A sample selection of articles written by Stella from this site and elsewhere online. 


10 Healthy Snack Ideas Under 100 Calories
Healthy treats don't have to blow your diet!

Going Without When Eating Out - Restaurant Dining Tips for Healthy Eaters 
While restaurants are beginning to offer some healthy choices, it's a smart decision to arm yourself with a few success strategies.

Lessons from the Butterflies
In the quest for better health and the improvement of our physical bodies, we often become sidetracked by our failures. You may take for granted what a powerful preventive force failure can be in preventing you from reaching your goals.



10 Tips for Sticking to Your Diet
Protein shakes, tuna, broccoli and oatmeal are great for building muscles but let's face it, there are days when pizza & other junk seduces you away from your goals. Whether your dieting for a show or just trying to break bad habits, these 10 tips can help you stick to your diet.


A Story of Tenacity - Tenacity led Stella to a fit, healthy lifestyle — and a passion to help others


Incorporating Beef into a Healthy Diet  - Incorporating Beef Into A Healthy Diet!
There are so many cuts and brands of beef that it's hard to tell which are the smart cuts to buy. There are multiple names and vague labels for every cut that confuse even the well-intentioned consumer. Learn the truth!

Troubleshooting the Protein Shake - We've all got our own quirky taste and texture preferences, even for simple protein shakes. Here are a few techniques you may find useful in preparing your next protein shake.

Straight Outta the Can: Tuna Recipes for Bodybuilders & Health Nuts -Tuna has long been a favorite protein source for bodybuilders, dieters, and other athletes. Here are a few straight outta the can recipes you can use to bring a little life into your next can of tuna!

Deepen Your Commitment to Training
Those who lift weights become stronger than when they first walked into a gym. Those who train hard will become stronger than who they were inside. Which are you?

Bodybuilding on a Budget - One of the reasons people excuse themselves from pursuing a bodybuilding training program is that "costs too much" to eat "all that food".  The truth is, a smart bodybuilder should actually find that they SAVE money by following these 10 simple guidelines when they shop for food.

The Green Light - The process of transforming and improving your physique can be long.  Don't let impatience or plateaus prevent you from pushing yourself harder in your workouts and performing at a level that will yield results.  Look for the "green light" and don't let anything stop you from moving past frustration and closer to your goal.

Surviving the Summer Picnic - The summer months present the bodybuilder with the frequent dietary challenge of the summer picnic. How do you spend time with your friends and eat clean? These survival strategies will help you enjoy summer barbeques without compromising your training goals

Fast Fuel- Time saving cooking tips for athletes on the go.

Adventure's In Squatting - An online coach/athlete training journal from a 6-week squat specialization training program I undertook Fall 2001.  A story of a great coach helping me focus and fight fears to exceed perceived strength levels and  hit a 330 lb single.

Expect the Unexpected - Surviving a "just to see if I could" set of dumbell presses with the big 5-0s early in my training.