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Question: "On the protein powder that you used in your recipes - I am not asking for an endorsement of it but I can't seem to find one locally that had as much protein of the one you use.  I am willing to shop the internet but the selection is quite overwhelming." 
- Robin, Pennsville, NJ


I'll say!  Deciphering labels is tough.

Most proteins I use have about 20-22 g per scoop.  The one in the cookbook is so high because the serving size is two scoops.  First, I would buy online even with shipping, buying online is a much better deal.  

I buy whey protein or protein blends that are low in carbs, mix easily in water, low to moderate price, and I pay a little more if it has vitamins added to it or contains a variety of proteins (a blend). Most economy wheys, such as Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey, do not have added vitamins so I tend to use them for simply increasing protein count (as in the bran muffins). I usually keep a big 5 pound of vanilla protein around (costs 25-28 online) for post workout/emergency/miscellaneous use, knowing that I'm getting nutrients from the food I'm taking it with and that the flavor can be easily changed with other ingredients.  For some, this is the only affordable way of supplementing with protein so if you use an economy whey, be sure to get plenty of fiber & nutrients from other foods & a multivitamin.

When I'm just drinking a shake or trying to replace a meal, I like the thought of getting in vitamins or a variety of proteins without having to worry about having a blender around (since I may be on the go when I have it).  Protein blends are supposed to deliver a more constant flow of protein to your body since the various proteins breakdown at different times & "time release" into your body (as opposed to straight whey, which offers a rapid delivery window)  There is a great one called "Bomber's Blend" available only at Dave Draper's IronOnline store (vanilla or chocolate).    If you want to buy locally, Optimum also makes Pro Complex" (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry).  Those are the ones that worked best for me but I've tried many!

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