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Low Carb Bake Mixes

Question: Do you know of a low carb substitute for cornstarch and bisquick?
I've heard that the Atkins baking mix is dreadful.

It kind depends on what you are using these ingredients for.  Corn starch is used mainly as a thickener.  Natural substitutions might be soy flour, oat flour or whole wheat flour mixed into a thin paste and then cooked into a sauce or maybe even just some pureed cooked vegetables. If you're looking for zero carbs though, that doesn't work and you'll just have to let this one go.

I'm too cheap to try the various low carb baking mix stuff. It usually seems to be made of soyflour anyway (which is gross kind of..needs lots of sweetener). Have you tried the lowcarb pancakes in Stella's Kitchen?  If you are craving something bread-y, they might work. 

Depending on what you are trying to do, the pancakes seem light & airy like bread and could be used as a wrap or maybe even lasagna "noodles" (if you try that let me know what happens!). Basically, you'd just beat 10 eggwhites into a stiff foam, add in 1/4 tsp cream of tartar, some unprocessed bran flakes (which are mostly fiber) & splenda and "fry" the dollops of foam like a pancake The eggwhites should be a room temperature for optimal stiffness.  Cream of tartar will help the egg white hold its form better. It's something bakers use in merengues and some types of tortes when the eggwhites need to maintain their height under the weight of melted chocolate, sugar, and other heavier ingredients.

Yet one more idea would be to use the zero carb soy protein powder mixed with water and egg whites.  This is a pancake version I have experimented with but just didn't find as tasty or fluffy.

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