Healthy Substitutions & Replacements Chart   by Stella Juarez
Looking to modify a family recipe? Keep this taped inside a kitchen cabinet for a handy reminder of all the creative things you can do to make your favorite foods healthier.

  INSTEAD OF  ......                                            TRY.......
Beef- 70-85 % Lean Ground or Chuck      92% or leaner ground beef or 92% or leaner ground turkey or     buffalo -check label-not all ground turkey is lean!

Bread Crumbs - as breading  Unprocessed bran flakes + mixed with oat flour, crushed all or when called for to mix with meat    bran cereal flakes, oat flour, or oatmeal

Butter    Butter Replacement Product, Butter Buds, imitation butter flavor       extract

Cheese   Reduce amount and use part skim mozzarella or reduced fat/non-fat    cheese

Chicken – Whole Bird or Dark Meat         Boneless, skinless chicken breast or breast of turkey

Egg - 1 Whole 2 egg whites

Flour - White   Oat Flour, 100% Whole Wheat Flour, soy flour

Gravy    Omit or thin with water to aus jus consistency

Kool- Aid or Juice     Crystal Light, sugar-free kool-aid or lemon water with 1 packet    Splenda

Milk - in cereal           Vanilla or strawberry protein powder mixed with water

Milk- Whole, in cooking or baking   Non-fat or low-fat milk or just water

Oatmeal – Flavored Packets Natural oats & chopped fruit or sugar free preserves

Oil - in baking   Equal amount of unsweetened applesauce or 3:1 ratio of ground     flaxseed meal to oil

Oil - in cooking Omit or try reducing by ½ or 2/3

Oil - when sautéing   Wine, broth, lemon, lime, apple, or orange juice

Salt       Garlic, chile, onion, or lemon

Sour Cream     Fat-free plain yogurt or non-fat sour cream

Soy Sauce       Reduced-sodium soy or reduced-sodium chicken, beef, or vegetable     broth, liquid aminos

Sugar – Brown Diabetic/sugar-free pancake syrup or artificial brown sweetener     (made by Sugar Twin)

Sugar - White   Artificial sweetener of choice or 1 teaspoon mashed banana per     tablespoon sugar being replaced

Syrup - Pancake or Maple Syrup   Sugar free (diabetic) pancake syrup. In cereal, try artificial sweetener    and a few drops of maple extract

Syrup - Chocolate     Cocoa powder and artificial sweetener to taste

Syrups- Flavored (used in coffee)   Sugar-free syrup or artificial sweetener to taste and a few drops    vanilla extract or other extract of choice

Reprinted from:
"Stella's Kitchen: Creative Cooking for Fun, Flavor, & a Lean Strong Body" by Stella Juarez ©2003

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