Healthy Cooking Q & A
What Protein Powder Should I Use?
Question: "On the protein powder that you used in your recipes - I am not asking for an endorsement of it but I can't seem to find one locally that had as much protein of the one you use.  I am willing to shop the internet but the selection is quite overwhelming. "
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How to keep lettuce fresh
Do any suggestions on keeping lettuce from going bad too soon?? Read the Answer

I'm Trying to Eat Healthy, Where Do I Start?
Question: " I am trying to eat healthy but I just can't. I try REALLY hard, I printed off the motivational tips from your about website and nothing seems to be working.  Should I try too drop all the bad habits or just start eating more veggies? I am very confused. My goal is to get a body that is firm and I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds in the process."  Read the Answer

Replacement for Oil, Butter, & Shortening
I've heard before that sugarfree applesauce can sometimes be substituted to make recipes more healthy.  What is it substituted for--butter, shortening, oil--and what are the proportions for substitution? Read the Answer

What Happens to Protein When You Cook It?
"I saw your recipe for homemade protein bars.  You mix the ingredients (protein powder included) and bake in the oven.  My question is:  does heat change the bioavailability, or chemical structure of the protein?"  Read the Answer

What Can I do if my Chicken Stir Fry is Too Dry?
I have made some of the chicken stir fry dishes from the book and they taste great, but I do find them a bit dry.  Is there something I can add to change that? Read the Answer

Can I make a Healthier Tartar Sauce?
I can muster the will power to stay away from 95% of all sauces and creams. There is one though that I can't seem to resist and has been a weakness of mine since childhood. For all I know it may be the overall winner in fat content.  That ol' demon "Tartar Sauce" is hard to turn my back to if the meal includes fish.  So here's the question ; is there a way I can mix up a a home made, more nutritious version of tartar sauce?  Read the Answer

Are there alternatives to low carb bake mixes?
Question: " Do you know of a low carb substitute for cornstarch and bisquick?  I've heard that the Atkins baking mix is dreadful. " Read the Answer

Mercury Toxicity and Canned Tuna
Question: " I think that you will be interested in the attached article about mercury in seafood, including canned tuna. It's on pages 11 and 12 of the Spring 2003 issue of Eating Well magazine. Please let me know what you think about its recommendations."
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Specialty Flours and Ingredients in Stella's Kitchen
Question: "Where would I find the flours that you have listed if my local grocery store does not carry them?  For example - brown rice flour and soy flour.  Also unprocessed bran flakes and wheat bran flakes?"  Read the Answer

Cooking with Liquor
Question: " For the last 3 years I've accumulated Bourbon,Rum and Whiskey which just sits in a kitchen cabinet.  What can I do with these adult beverages as far as cooking goes? Do you know of any recipes that uses these drinks?" Read the Answer

Do you have a question about healthy cooking, modifying a recipe,  or need some creative but healthy substitutions?  Here's your place to ask Stella! Submit your questions here.
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