How to Make Homemade Oat Flour from Oatmeal by Stella Post
Oat flour is a great low calorie, low glycemic alternative to white flour.  Making oat flour: from regular oatmeal is very easy, too.  It only takes 1 minute and is a VERY easy and cheap alternative to store bought oat flour.

Oatmeal (dry)

To make your own oat flour, just put a cup or two of oatmeal in a regular household blender (or food processor if you happen to have one) and blend it on high.  Whir until the flakes turn into the consistency of flour.  

If you have an economy blender, you may have to blend the oats a little longer or stop the blender and help mix in the oat flakes that may stick to the sides of the blender.

Store the oat flour in a covered bowl in the pantry.

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